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Your pre-registration allows you to book your stay for 15 days (within the limits of the places available at the time of reception). It saves you the trouble of filling out a paper registration form.

Please note: all fields that matter to you must be filled in.

Once you have completed and sent this online form, you will receive confirmation of receipt of your pre-registration within 8 days. The answer is made individually (and not automatically), on your email: it is the guarantee of the good follow-up of your registration file.

If you do not receive confirmation within 8 days, there is probably a transmission problem: please send us a message directly to or contact us by phone.

To finalise your registration, we must receive a copy of your identity document, an identity-format photo and your deposit (minimum 250 euros) within 15 days following your pre-registration.

Upon receipt of these documents, we will send you your registration certificate.

Thank you and welcome to BMLC!

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    REMINDER : Being insured (illness, hospitalization, repatriation and personal liability) during your stay is mandatory. You must send us a proof of insurance at least 7 weeks before the beginning of your stay.

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    12 – For which reason(s) did you choose our school?

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    *our bank details for the transfer:
    Banque : CIT Municipal Boulogne
    IBAN : FR76 1617 0620 1600 3453 2030 022 BIC : CMUBFR21

    The deposit must be paid in euro. It will be deducted from the total amount of your course fee. If your deposit is equal or superior to 50 % of the total price, you may pay the balance when you arrive. On receipt of your deposit we will confirm to you the balance still due.


    Your registration will only be confirmed definitively once we receive your deposit, the registration form, a copy of your identity card and your photo.

    I have read the formalities and conditions of enrolment to Boulogne-sur-Mer Langues et Cultures school and I accept the clauses. I confirm my enrolment according to the information I have given in the above form.

    I give my consent to Boulogne-sur-Mer Langues et Cultures to use photos and/or videos of me in the strict conditions of promoting its activities (brochures, website, social network)