Due to a technical problem, our online registration form is temporarily unavailable.

Until the service is restored, please print the registration form below and email it to

We will acknowledge receipt of your pre-registration within 4 days.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Your pre-registration online

Your pre-registration allows you to book your stay for 15 days (within the limits of the places available at the time of reception). It saves you the trouble of filling out a paper registration form.

Please note: all fields that matter to you must be filled in.

Once you have completed and sent this online form, you will receive confirmation of receipt of your pre-registration within 8 days. The answer is made individually (and not automatically), on your email: it is the guarantee of the good follow-up of your registration file.

If you do not receive confirmation within 8 days, there is probably a transmission problem: please send us a message directly to or contact us by phone.

To finalise your registration, we must receive a copy of your identity document, an identity-format photo and your deposit (minimum 250 euros) within 15 days following your pre-registration.

Upon receipt of these documents, we will send you your registration certificate.

Thank you and welcome to BMLC!

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