What is FOS?

The FOS (Français sur Objectif Spécifique – French for specific goals) process consists of taking into account the needs of an audience of learners to establish a programme on specific goals, in a definite setting, fotenly professional. The main goal is to perfect linguistic skills to communicate in a specific field:

  • Written and oral comprehension
  • Written and oral expression
These classes are intended for companies which have a linguistic need for their personnel, or for individuals which goal is to improve their french skills in a specific usage.
FOS is opened to everyone: no prerequisite is demanded, the programme construction is made according to the start level, the needs and the skills to develop.

The FOS process

The FOS process works through 5 steps:

  1. Identification of the demand
  2. Analysis of the needs
  3. Gathering of datas in reel situation
  4. Linguistic analysis of the datas
  5. Construction of the linguistic programme 
Classes are interactives and are made with help of authentic documents, audiovisual material and online platforms, to gain not only the demanded linguistic skills, but also technical skills (know-how and cultural socila skills). Learners level is evaluated during all times during the course:
  • Diagnostic: Evaluation of the level at the start of the course
  • Formative evaluation: Evaluation during the course
  • Final evaluation of the learners
  • Evaluation of the programme