TCF exam preparation
Preparation for the examination proceedings or classes for french improvement to obtain a set CEFRL level.

BMLC offers two different preparation courses for the TCF exam.

Simple preparation

The goal is to understand the exam, its content and what will be asked to do.

In a very small group with a teacher qualified for TCF examination, they perfectly know each part of the exam and therefore can reply to your questions.

You will be able to work on written and oral strategies, and test yourself on exam-type questions. Through the preparation, the teacher will give advices to improve your results.

Preparation with classes

This preparation contains all elements above, and you also follow an intensive french course to improve your french level, with the goal of obtaining the A2 or B1 level according to your exam goal (residency or naturalisation). At the end of the course you will take a practice exam.

Simple preparation

  • 2h preparation
  • Presentation of the examination
  • Strategies for the exam
  • Exercices examples